Students from Lambert High School just recently won both fall Esports State Championships in December. The video games the group won were Rocket League, like soccer however with flying cars instead of gamers, and League of Legends, a multiplayer video game that concentrates on fight arena strategies and battling.

Lambert’s esports coach, Kevin Sapp, said Lambert has competed in every state championship that Georgia has actually hosted for esports, being the only high school in the state to do so given that PlayVS revealed that esports teams and competitions would be concerning high schools throughout the nation.

“We’ve sort of got a little dynasty going here,” Sapp said.

Sapp said Lambert has three groups of 3 gamers for Rocket League and two teams of five players for League of Legends, with rotating subs in case students are unable to play. The majority of the teams’ practices are online where the trainees practice maneuvers like assaulting and evading.

Nate Benson, a junior at Lambert and Rocket League team captain, stated he began playing Rocket League about a year and a half earlier and liked that the game was based upon ability and had no RNG, a random number generator that is used to figure out random events in a video game, such as possibilities of landing a critical hit or selecting up a rare product.

Benson chose to join the Lambert esports group after hearing that the team formerly won runner up in the championships.

“I thought possibly I might assist the group and be what they needed to need to really win the state title, so that’s what wound up taking place,” Benson stated.

In the esports state champions in fall of 2020, Rocket League won 4-1 against Forsyth Central High School, Lambert’s competing team that beat them in the tournament in 2015.

“For me, certainly [winning the champion] felt excellent, however it felt even much better for my teammates,” Benson stated.