Among the bigger NBA names consistently linked to the Lakers is that of Pacers guard Victor Oladipo, and with great factor. He is a two-time All-Star who has actually posted big numbers in his career, but, since he is coming off of an injury, might be readily available for a deal trade cost that the Lakers might satisfy, despite limited properties.

He also has just one year staying on his deal, leaving the Lakers the flexibility to enter into the 2021 free-agent market if Oladipo does not get back to complete health or does not fit well with the group.

And now there is a brand-new report indicating just how much Oladipo desires out of Indiana, a bit that will definitely expedite his departure from the group. According to J. Michael of the Indianapolis Star, Oladipo actually asked players from other teams– throughout video games, in front of his teammates– whether he could come play for them.

” Can I come have fun with y’ all?” Oladipo supposedly asked gamers from teams like the Heat, Knicks and Raptors.

The Lakers were not amongst the teams called in the report, however the Pacers only played L.A. once when Oladipo was healthy, and that was August during the Orlando bubble reboot.

For any group, the possibility of a trade including Oladipo would be a threat this offseason, presuming he is dealt. Even prior to Michael’s report, there has long seemed tension in between Oladipo and the Pacers, specifically when he did his rehab away from the group, though Pacers authorities openly said Oladipo’s decision to do is was not troublesome.

There was likewise Oladipo’s response to playing during the NBA restart, which he initially said he would not do. Once it was clear that option out would cost him more than $5 million, Oladipo backtracked and stated he would play. Lots of with the Pacers took that to indicate he was more concerned about his paycheck than the team.

That all amounts to an unpredictable relationship, which usually cuts back on a player’s prospective trade value.

The biggest question mark on Oladipo, though, is simply how healthy he is. He suffered a rare NBA injury– a torn quadriceps– in January 2019 and rehabbed for a full year.

Victor Oladipo suffers major leg injury, Pacers hold back Raptors|NBA HighlightsIndiana Pacers G Victor Oladipo suffers a possible season-ending leg injury in the second quarter, as Thaddeus Young takes control of scoring 23 points including the dagger in the 110-106 win over the Toronto Raptors. Serge Ibaka develops a double-double of 23 points and 11 rebounds in the loss. ✔ Register for ESPN on…2019-01-24T04:32:23 Z.

He was far from All-Star type when he did return, balancing 14.5 points on 39.4% shooting, making just 31.7% of his 3s this year. He is 28 years old, so the presumption is that he can return to his old kind, but that is no warranty. More unpredictability means more of a hit to his trade worth.

The Lakers might assemble a decent bundle of gamers for the Pacers, constructed around guard Danny Green and forward Kyle Kuzma. Green might not be of much interest to the Pacers, but he is a knowledgeable guard and could be re-traded later in the year.

Kuzma, who had a down year coming off the bench for the Lakers (12.8 points, 43.6% shooting, 31.6% 3-point shooting), is just 25 and would be the main tourist attraction in an Oladipo offer.

The Lakers, however, are hardly the only team with eyes on an Oladipo deal. The Bucks have been reported to be ready to take a chance on him, too, though they are doing not have in attractive young possessions.

The Heat might be the group that many strongly moves to acquire Oladipo. Like the Lakers, Miami is wishing to keep its books clear for the 2021 free-agency sweepstakes however wishes to bet on an upgrade on the wings. Oladipo might provide that.

It is clear that Oladipo wants out. It could simply be a matter of where he lands.