In a league where the premium on shooting has never ever been greater, among the game’s all-time great shooters sits at house.

Kyle Korver is fine with that. The 17-year NBA veteran is not tired, he’s hanging around with household and doing looks on TNT’s The Arena. But could Korver return, knock down some clutch threes, and be the strong veteran existence every competitor needs in the locker room? Mark Medina of the USA Today asked Korver that and got basically a long-winded shrug as an answer.

That is a sincere answer.

Typically for older gamers– Korver will turn 40 next month– they understand it is time to stroll away due to the fact that either groups stop calling, or their desire to do whatever they should to get their body ready for the season is more work than they want to put in (Kobe Bryant spoke about that, for instance). Korver sounds more like the latter. Groups are calling, inquiring about a Korver return. And while what teams are calling and what his function would be will definitely play into his choice, so will Korver’s desire to do whatever it takes to be ready for the NBA video game.

We’ll see what Korver chooses, however he doesn’t seem like a guy in a rush.