Every season, the LCK fans eagerly anticipate seeing the tradition competition opposing T1 and KT Rolster unfold with the Telecom Wars. The last one took place previously today, in the 2021 LCK Spring Spligt’s second week.

For KT’s jungler Kang “Blank” Sun-gu, this match was more than a regular series -it was a battle of pride. “I do not wish to fall to T1,” he stated with conviction to the LCK personnel.

He was also the first KT player to shout his head off when the group grabbed 2-1 win over T1 after an incredibly intense series. This Telecom War provided whatever the League of Legends fans might request for, consisting of numerous techniques, clutch plays, interesting teamfights, and some epic stops working, too.

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KT lost the very first video game to T1 due to Gumayusi and Keria’s botlane being made it possible for to grow out of control the game, making the botlaner’s Vayne unstoppable. But this loss likewise enabled them to adapt their strategy.

After unsuccessfully providing all of their resources to the toplaner Doran who formerly boasted the greatest typical percentage of the team’s damage this season, in the first video game, they decided to camp the botlane to shut down Gumayusi. They likewise target-banned his Aphelios in all 3 games, a champion he’s proved to master.

This change of technique moved the dynamic of their next two video games. T1 didn’t expect Blank to non-stop camp the botlane, which led Gumayusi and Keria to take part in two vs. two battles which resulted in them dying and conceding the lead to HyBriD and Zzus.

The resources approved to HyBriD didn’t go to waste. He showed amazing efficiency on Samira, who he played in all 3 games, backed by the tanky picks of Zzus.

In addition to keeping a tidy placing at almost all times, he accomplished to deal terrific quantities of damage even after his colleagues fell in apparently lost teamfights, practically turning them around.

He also closed a one vs. one trade against Gumayusi’s Vayne, assisted by Ucal’s Twisted Fate ultimate which exposed Vayne even though she used her supreme. It enabled HyBriD to target Vayne and shut her down using one last automobile attack.

He also won the last game’s MVP title, which was closed off thanks to his efficiency on Samira. He turned the tide of an important teamfight and got a triple kill with a well-timed supreme, which enabled KT to end the game even if T1 had the Baron enthusiast and several teammates to safeguard the Nexus. On top of those shiny plays, he boasted a flawless 100 percent kill involvement rate in this last video game.

His performance was also made it possible for thanks to fantastic synergy with midlaner Ucal, who earned the MVP title in the 2nd video game with his Yone. He bullied Clozer’s Orianna all video game long and avoided him from landing shockwaves at the correct time. He also ended the video game without suffering any death.

But triumph without hazard brings no glory. T1 also revealed solid performance and punished numerous over-extensions of KT’s assistance Zzus, which granted them the lead in numerous phases of both last games.

They won numerous fights even when they were at a disadvantage thanks to strong mechanical plays. T1 midlaner Clozer, who played his 2nd series in the LCK instead of Faker, landed several skillshots on Syndra and Yone that might have brought more kills to T1 if they didn’t be up to the hands of HyBriD.

Jungler Ellim likewise revealed strong performance, especially in the very first game where a Jarvan IV pocket choice brought him the MVP title with an excellent number of 32 percent of group damage dealt. His supreme combination with Keria’s Galio revealed guarantee, and might close down other contenders even more in the season.

T1 will have a possibility to recover when they’ll play Liiv SANDBOX on Jan. 28, at 5am CT. KT Rolster, on the other side, will deal with off versus DRX for their next matchup the exact same day, at 2am CT