The combating game genre has actually made including regular DLC characters a standard recently, but it wasn’t so long ago that this practice was brand-new and relatively unrefined. Zip back just a half-decade where the year is 2015, the spotlight Mortal Kombat title is MKX, and Tanya has simply been released as part of the very first Kombat Load.

As soon as Tanya made it to house consoles it didn’t take long at all for players to find that she was wildly overpowered in more than just a couple of ways. Tanya was so conclusively top tier that she immediately began to sap from MKX’s general sense of competitive viability, and ultimately caused NetherRealm Studios implement new policy so as to secure competitions from the potential of new DLC characters.

In one of his most current videos Real Under Dawg Video gaming puts the original MKX Tanya under the microscopic lense to remember for audiences how she was so broken.

It didn’t truly matter which of her 3 variations a user chose, the yellow-clad Edenian had such a plethora of powerful tools that it felt as though she brought a teleporting gun to a butter knife fight no matter who she was facing off against.

This was a minute for the FGC as it revealed a concern that required instant attention. A fighter like this would quickly make tournament play feel moot, and so NRS carried out a 2 week pregnancy period for the neighborhood to check out all beginner characters before they ‘d be allowed competition play.

Designing new DLC additions to be particularly powerful is normally excellent for service in regards to downloads, and is something we still frequently observe in other gaming categories such as multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs) like League of Legends.

Characters who easily produce wins are naturally going to be more enticing to play, and designers obviously desire audiences to be drawn to their post-launch game additions. Sometimes you’ll see DLC characters designed to be clearly subdued upon release, but then get a handful of significant nerfs once they’re old news.

This policy is something NRS might still technically make the most of with the 2 week tourney hold-up, though we’ve seen their DLC releases vary in terms of strength given that 2015. Even with this duration particular figures, Alien in MKX is a terrific example from simply about a year later on, remained wrongly strong even after two weeks beyond release.

We have actually most certainly seen comparable issues pop up in other combating titles in more current times as Leroy and Fahkumram of Tekken 7 come to mind, as does GT Goku from Dragon Ball FighterZ, (that’s not a thorough list, feel complimentary to drop other examples in the remarks) however this minute with Tanya most definitely put this concern on developer radars across the FGC.

Take a look at Real Under Dawg’s video below to see just how damaged Tanya was when she initially came out and hope we don’t get this type of DLC character ever again.