When among China’s better Dota 2 companies, Eager Video gaming is disbanding, their coach revealed Wednesday.

Chen “86” Yuxuan made the announcement in a post to his Weibo account.

“Given that the club is disbanding soon, we are searching for job opportunities for this couple, who are the former cook and janitor at our base,” 86 published per a translation by vpesports.com.

There is no official word as to why the club is dissolving now, and since Wednesday afternoon Keen’s match versus Team Aster as part of the DPL-CDA Expert League Season 1 stayed on the schedule for Thursday.

Among the founding teams of Chinese Dota 2 Professional Association, Keen had an extremely successful 2019 highlighted by a first-place finish at the ESL One Mumbai 2019 major last April. Keen’s revealing at the subsequent The International 2019 was a bit of a frustration with a 13th-16th place showing, and their finest surface in their previous four majors was a 5th-8th at the Hainan Master Cup in November 2019.

The club’s current roster includes Yang “Erica” Shaohan, Xu “Blood” Ziliang, Zhuang “xiaofu” Yongfu, Zhao “Yds.” Jiayi and Yu “Dream” Yajun.