We rank the 7 teams remaining on the Chiefs schedule in regards to how huge of a risk they pose to the Chiefs.

After a fantastic first half of the season and a prompt bye week, the Kansas City Chiefs remain in a fantastic position for the 2nd half of the season. With the AFC’s 3rd and 4th seeds dropping games this weekend, the Chiefs have a 2 win lead over the playoff seeds below them, while being only one video game behind the top seed in the NFL.

The Chiefs are just a few wins away from securing their playoff area, and with some aid from the top seed’s staying challengers, they might be simply a couple of more wins far from a preliminary bye in the playoffs. However, the last 7 weeks of the Chiefs’ routine season looks to be the toughest stretch yet this season, and wins are not guaranteed.

So we took a look at the Chiefs’ remaining 7 video games and ranked them on based on how big of a risk they pose to the Chiefs’ possibilities of success.

The Denver Broncos were touted this offseason as not only a possible playoff group, but a team that might seriously threaten the Chiefs position as division leader. New deals with like Melvin Gordon and Jerry Jeudy were expected to elevate the Broncos offense to brand-new levels, while Drew Lock was hailed as the response at quarterback

Then the season started and everything broke down for the Broncos.

First it was the injuries to star players like Von Miller before the season or Lock in the very first few weeks. Then it was irregular and often bad defensive efficiencies. From there, Lock has actually looked miserable as the group’s starter after returning from injury and the Broncos don’t seem near to completing.

This weekend, the Broncos were humiliated by the Las Vegas Raiders in a 37-12 loss, largely due to Drew Lock’s four interceptions. The group is failing, the players are starting to telephone it in, and despite the Broncos still being mathematically in the race for a playoff area, it appears like they are playing for absolutely nothing.

The Chiefs’ very first win over the Broncos was a dominant group win that saw touchdowns scored on all three phases of the game. The next game will protest a much less positive Broncos team, and will be at Kansas City. This is the easiest win left on the Chiefs’ schedule and possibly the closest thing to a complimentary pass.