The Kansas City Chiefs have actually been the most dominant group in the NFL over the past two seasons. One of the factors they have had such success is the reality they have included most of their crucial gamers through the NFL Draft.

In this post, I take a look at the Kansas City Chiefs roster and name the five best NFL Draft additions of the gamers presently on the roster. This list takes a look at both the worth of where they selected the gamer and the impact that gamer has actually made on the field.

Daniel Sorenson is far from an NFL star, and might even be someone the Chiefs want to change in the starting lineup next year. However, any time you can get an essential factor as an undrafted complimentary agent it is a major win for the team that selected him up. That is precisely what happened with Sorenson, who was chosen up after the 2014 NFL Draft, yet led the Kansas City Chiefs in tackles this year with 91.

Coming out of college Sorenson was hurt by his lack of speed as he ran a 4.67 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine. This was just among the reasons scouts were worried about his hold up in protection particularly if anticipated to play man-to-man coverage on a tight end. Regrettably, this is still an issue for Sorenson however luckily, Kansas City does not ask much out of him in coverage.