Kansas Basketball got their very first commitment in the 2021 recruiting class from Daybreak Christian Academy power forward Zachary Clemence.

In talking to Evan Daniels of 247 Sports, Zach Clemence stated “Kansas was always my primary … I chose them because it’s a great scenario for me … I think I’m going to bring my size and versatility.” Clemence is ranked as a 4-star prospect, 34th overall, according to 247 sports. The 6’9 junior includes to the long list of skilled prospects to join the program, but his skill set was something missing from the team throughout the 2019-20 season.

Clemence can be a Swiss-Army Knife in Lawrence.

Bill Self used limited post-depth on last season’s roster, using just Udoka Azubuike, David McCormack and Silvio de Sousa. The trio is jointly strong on the glass and stout internal protectors, however none are readily efficient in offending supremacy beyond the paint. Clemence brings those very same qualities currently at this moment in his advancement, but he has more than revealed his capability to stretch both his defensive and offensive effectiveness to the perimeter too.

Comfy striking midrange jumpers throughout his high school career, Clemence is balancing north of 35% from the boundary too. Considering that 1992, the Jayhawks have only had three real forwards and/or focuses posting a season above 35% from 3 on a minimum of 50 attempts: 10-11′ Markieff Morris, 15-16′ Perry Ellis and 18-19′ Dedric Lawson. In the same way he would explain it, Clemence’s offending versatility is a rarity even for a program as noteworthy as Kansas.

More excellent still is Clemence’s ability to smoothly run the flooring, competently defend both larger and smaller sized gamers, and make high IQ plays as a facilitator from the post. It’s early, however the capacity for this hire to grow in Lawrence much in the exact same method Perry Ellis and Markieff Morris made their mark on the program is conceivable.

The Jayhawks are set to lose several crucial frontcourt gamers by the time Clemence steps foot on school. The 2020-21 group will finish seniors Mitch Lightfoot and Silvio de Sousa from the program and junior David McCormack might depart early for the expert ranks. 2020 recruit Gethro Muscadin might be the only other true frontcourt player on the roster going into the 2021 season.

Even if he becomes a powerful gamer Clemence’s playing time will not be impeded. In reality, Muscadin’s game mirrors and compliments that of Clemence quite well: Both can stretch the floor, rebound highly, defend the border and display a great deal of movement.

There will not be a lot of barriers throughout his profession to avoid development, starting minutes, and a noticable existence for the latest Jayhawk.