He remembers dipping into Estadio Alberto J Armando’ Boca’s home ground more widely known as La Bombonera’ one of the most intimidating club locations in world football.

Maradona played for Boca before signing for Barcelona in 1982′ and once again in the 1990s’ and publish his playing career remained one of the excellent club’s most fanatical advocates.

” I keep in mind the game we bet Boca Juniors on a Sunday’ and we were heating up and I was questioning what all the hullaballoo was about'” Khumalo recalled.

” Due to the fact that the stadium gets full at about 11am. And’ you need to understand’ that male is viewed as a godfather of football’ because football in Argentina is a sort of religious beliefs.

” In Argentina even the smaller groups get crowds. But when we played Boca’ that was when I felt’ ‘I am in Argentina’.

” I believe there was 5′ 10 minutes left of the warm-up and I heard the crowd chanting’ ‘Ma-ra-donna’. And I believed’ ‘However this person’s not playing’.

” Only to discover that at the Boca Juniors’ stadium he’s got his own private suite. So he simply strolled in with his household.

” And when I searched for I saw [Claudio] Caniggia’ Maradona’ the likes of [Gabriel] Batistuta’ and I resembled’ ‘Wow’.

” And after that what he does is he walks up to the front of his private suite’ where there’s like a glass’ and he’ll bow east’ bow south’ and bow west.

” And when he bows the crowd [because stand] acknowledge him by raising their hands and state something in Spanish – and the stand at the opposite does the same.

” So it’s sort of a synchronised way of welcoming.

” Those men – not only Maradona’ though’ yes’ of course he might be the cherry on top – but when it pertains to celebrating ex-players it’s remarkable. Since Diego Simeone’ when he walked in’ you need to have seen the crowd.

” So I was trying to determine if Maradona is the one who invites those people to his private suite.

” However I need to state that guy is something else’ not simply in Argentina however the whole of South America.”