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The Latin American League of League of Legends (LLA) has currently started and did so with a restored format. Among its innovations that broadened the broadcasting landscape by permitting different material developers to co-stream. One of them was JulioProfe, a popular youtuber best known for his videos on mathematics and physics.

On January 31, JulioProfe co-streamed the very first day of the League of Legends LLA. The objective of the civil engineer was to prevent interfering in the work of the expert casters which is why for lots of moments he remained quiet and minimal himself to addressing his followers in the chat.

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This is why their involvement in the co-stream was really little, limiting themselves to a presentation of the broadcast, in addition to the goodbye to it. Without a doubt, lots of would have liked to see him comment more on it, but it must be kept in mind that he is a professional in engineering-related subjects and not in League of Legends.

You can see his co-streeam listed below:

And to you, what did you think of this co-stream? Did you ever picture that JulioProfe wound up teaming up with Riot Games? Tell us in the remarks.

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