FlyQuest had been on a three-game losing streak entering tonight’s contest versus CLG. But if there’s been any common aspect for struggling LCS teams early on in the 2021 League of Legends season, it’s been fixing their losing ways versus CLG.

The LCS’ just remaining winless squad has acted as a league-wide substitute system for groups across North America, with 5 various teams now having actually taken a video game off of CLG. Last weekend, TSM salvaged an 0-2 start to their season by publishing a win against CLG, and tonight, FlyQuest ended its three-game slide against CLG as well.

” In the draft, we understood what they were intending to play and we had all of our plans all set,” FlyQuest jungler Josedeodo informed Dot Esports after his group’s win. “We liked Cho’Gath into Gangplank and Graves into Taliyah. We did an actually great job in the first few minutes and didn’t pass away to any of Taliyah’s ganks. We simply won the game from the early video game.”

FlyQuest used that early-game benefit to snowball tonight’s contest out of control. Near the 20-minute mark, the team had constructed a significant gold advantage that nearly eclipsed 5,000. Less than 10 minutes later on, the game was over. Josedeodo, in particular, finished the game with an outstanding scoreline of 1/2/9 in a game which FlyQuest won by an overall of 11,000 gold.

However although tonight’s bounceback win was a pivotal early-season turning point for FlyQuest, the group’s fresh-faced jungler is keeping all of his opponents– even the struggling CLG– at arm’s length as he transitions from the Latin American scene into the LCS.

” The greatest difference is that here, all the gamers are super excellent at the video game,” Josedeodo said. “All the groups know how to play the video game, and you can’t disrespect any group due to the fact that they will all punish you. In Latin America, that does not occur that typically. If you slipped up, other teams will not punish you due to the fact that they didn’t know how to.”

In the LCS, punishing gamers for their mistakes is quite commonplace. In today’s contest, Josedeodo discovered that the hard way after face-checking a river brush 45 seconds into the game, only to be killed in a one-vs-five skirmish that led to first blood for CLG.

However Josedeodo and FlyQuest quickly rebounded. If anything, the minor fault to kick off tonight’s video game followed by FlyQuest’s subsequent resilience was agent of the group’s Spring Split performance so far. A quick incident followed by a bounceback triumph might be precisely what FlyQuest requires to bring itself back in the fold here in the early stages of the 2021 season.

” I do believe that getting these early wins is very important for us since we are a task for the future,” Josedeodo stated. “It’s actually good for us to get these wins because it is essential for our players’ psychological. We still have a great deal of video games to play, however getting these wins is truly crucial.”

The truth that FlyQuest is putting an emphasis on the future is extremely telling. The organization, fresh off a trip to the World Championship last season, remains in complete rebuild mode. Players like Palafox, Johnsun, and even Josedeodo are far sobs from a few of the names on last year’s FlyQuest lineup, which included staunch veterans such as Santorin and PowerOfEvil. But a lengthened 45-game regular season could be the ideal gauge to judge the team’s brand-new roster by.

Rookies and sophomores at nearly every position heading the 2021 FlyQuest roster, and pieces of young, explosive skill like Josedeodo are leading the charge. Through 5 video games, Josedeodo ranks in the top four among all certified LCS junglers in KDA (3.7 ), damage portion (17.4 percent), damage per minute (367 ), CS per minute (6.7 ), and eliminate involvement (75.4 percent), according to League of Legends stats website

And although FlyQuest presently sit in 6th place with a record of 2-3, the team’s triumph today brings them to within simply one video game of the essential 0.500 mark. Tomorrow’s match versus Cloud9 will be a turning point for FlyQuest. If the group can beat the LCS’ first-place squad, the outlook for the immediate future, along with the long-lasting future, could take a significantly brighter turn.

” I do think this group only needs one good week,” Josedeodo said. “At this point, we can get to the great teams throughout some games. As long as we’re improving upon specific things … you’ll see us enhance from week to week.”