ROCKFORD (WREX)– Robert Jones played simply eight games of high school football at East. Now he’s at the Senior Bowl amongst the very best college players in the country and hoping to get drafted this spring.

Jones moved from Chicago to Rockford his senior year of high school and lived with his uncle. Jones played some football his junior year in Chicago, but his only complete varsity season can be found in Rockford. After finishing his only season with the E-Rabs, he signed to dip into Highland Community College in Kansas. He had no idea he would land at the Senior citizen Bowl simply a couple of years later.

” Honestly, when I wound up going to JuCo, I just believed I was going to go to JuCo, get my AA and stop,” Jones said. “That was going to be the end of it. I never ever believed I would go D1. Once I got to D1 and I started playing the very first number of video games versus Duke and Iowa, I understood I can do this if I put my mind to it.”

That taste offered Huge Rob an even greater appetite to be successful at Middle Tennessee State.

” I just started working even harder,” he stated. “I was new to the entire football thing. I didn’t begin playing up until my junior year of high school. I was brand-new to this. I’m trying to catch on as fast as possible. I began recognizing I might actually do this.”

Jones is still developing the finer points of playing offending line, however has experience at both guard and deal with in college. He wishes to make an impression on NFL scouts today at the Senior Bowl, specifically because there’s no NFL Draft Integrate this year.

” We’re actually delighted,” Gary Griffin, who coached Jones at East, stated. “It’s something the whole area ought to be delighted about. Because the kid came from absolutely nothing. His effort and determination and those things. We made a plan here on my board. He followed that strategy. And who understands, perhaps we’ll hear his name here in the next month approximately.”

That plan which commitment can function as a motivation to other kids who might not be highly-recruited out of high school, but who keep persevering and making the most of their opportunities.

” I believe he’s a fantastic testimony to a few of our more youthful kids,” Griffin said. “A great deal of individuals don’t realize he just played in eight video games of high school football. And he’s going to be collecting a check on Tuesdays.”

When it comes to how far Jones thinks he can go in football, he does not see a limit.

” Man, I feel like I do not got no ceiling,” Jones says with a laugh. “The roof’s off.”

The roofing’s off and the door to the NFL is waiting for Robert Jones to burst through.