Joel Embiid clearly believes that the Philadelphia 76ers got the brief end of the stick this weekend.

Embiid’s Sixers were required to play their game versus the Denver Nuggets on Saturday in spite of being seriously shorthanded due to a positive COVID-19 test by guard Seth Curry. The team successfully just had seven players for the video game. Forward Mike Scott was injured but had to dress so that the Sixers might meet the eight-player minimum for the contest to proceed.

On the contrary, the NBA postponed Sunday’s scheduled Boston Celtics-Miami Heat video game. This was due to the fact that contact tracing had actually left the Heat with less than eight readily available gamers. A game previously in the season between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Houston Rockets was also postponed for similar reasons.

Less than an hour after news broke of the Celtics-Heat postponement, Embiid tweeted the following evident chance ats the league.

There is some included context to mention here. The Sixers and the NBA have been somewhat at chances since former GM Sam Hinkie’s blatant tanking efforts from 2013 to 2016. Commissioner Adam Silver essentially strong-armed the Sixers into working with NBA business male Jerry Colangelo (who later employed his kid Bryan to change him). That eventually caused Hinkie’s exit from the team. Embiid was among the high draft selects that arised from Hinkie’s “Process” and has constantly remained a Hinkie loyalist. Embiid did not agree the Colangelos either.

As for the present day, Saturday’s video game did see a brave effort by this Sixer. Regardless however, Embiid still thinks that something fishy is going on here.