Joe Manganiello was cast as Deathstroke in the DCEU method back in 2016. He debuted his take on the mercenary in the post-credit scene of 2017’s Justice League and was set to star in his own solo film directed by Gareth Evans – in addition to feature in Ben Affleck’s Batman film.

Regrettably, when Affleck stepped down as Batman, it looked like Manganiello’s Deathstroke was suspended entirely. However then news of the Snyder Cut’s release on HBO Max broke, and the chances of Deathstroke making a return increased – specifically as Manganiello tweeted about the initial Justice League post-credits scene (reshot after Affleck’s Batman motion picture was ditched, which has been revamped into The Batman).

Now, Comics report that Manganiello has actually been found with a hairstyle that looks quite like his Deathstroke appearance – just in time for additional photography on Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

Appearing on Twitch in the Verizon 5G League of Legends: Wild Rift Invitational, Manganiello could be seen with a short, strongly white hairstyle that’s really various to his normal look. He also had a beard comparable to the one he had as Deathstroke.

With the news that Jared Leto is returning as Joker for Zack Snyder’s Justice League, there does not seem to be any reason why Manganiello couldn’t also come back as Deathstroke. Plus, Affleck is reprising his role of Batman for The Flash (and the additional Justice League photography), so it’s difficult not to start speculating about a possible revival for Affleck’s initial movie – or a minimum of the storyline.

Manganiello formerly told Collider that, if he was returning for Justice League, he wouldn’t state anyway: “If I belonged of it, that would not be my place to reveal that. That would be Zack’s location. So, whether that’s occurring, that is a response that is listed below my NDA level, or whatever you wan na call it.”

He also discussed the post-credits scene: “On my social networks, I spoke about [how] there was an initial end credits sequence that was changed for the release of Justice League. Once Batman was cancelled, they altered that scene. So, here you go, however I discussed that on my social networks. There’s an original scene that will be brought back to what it was originally.”

While it is completely possible Manganiello just fancied a hairstyle, or that his possible return has absolutely nothing to do with Affleck’s Batman, we’re hoping he is back as Deathstroke – which he’s around for more than a fast cameo.

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