Bomb in the Endesa League. Jose Juan Barea, legendary Puerto Rican NBA gamer, would be extremely near to showing up at Movistar Trainees as a star signing to attempt to reroute the circumstance that Javier Zamora’s guys are going through. Reporter Marc stein, from the New York City Times, has advanced it specifically through his social networks.

José Juan Barea was the only enduring player from that historical Dallas lineup who won the ring in 2011. In the franchise he was well liked, so he had a deal to be part of the coaching personnel, but nevertheless he rejected it. Barea wished to continue playing and has actually selected the Endesa League to do so.

At 36 years of ages, built up fourteen seasons in the NBA, all of them on the Mavericks. The last seasons had not been simple on an individual level for him due to injuries, however he concerns Estudiantes to conserve the season from a team that is 16th in the standings.

As reported by Marc Stein, the announcement of the signing looms and José Juan Barea will be the excellent incorporation of Movistar Estudiantes. The Puerto Rican might have the choice of going back to the United States to play the NBA playoffs (May 18), as long as Estudiantes do not play them in Spain.