Elite eSports gamer Jian Zihao revealed his abrupt retirement Wednesday as a result of numerous illness consisting of weight problems, diabetes and a hand injury.

Zihao, known in the video gaming world as “Uzi,” starred in China’s League of Legends group, “Royal Never Quit” (RNG). His decision to leave the sport– while in his early 20s (he was born in 1997)– brightens the concern for way of lives of eSports players. Zihao listed stress, diabetes and a hand injury– the outcome of heavy gaming– among the factors for his retirement.

” I regret to inform everyone that I am retiring,” Uzi composed to his nearly five million fans on Weibo. “Since of chronic tension, weight problems, irregular diet, remaining up late and other factors, I was found to have Type-2 diabetes throughout a physical examination in 2015.”

League of Legends is a popular multi-player fight video game, and Zihao was thought about to be one of the very best of all-time in the game. Zihao made his launching in 2012.

RNG mentioned Zihao’s “injuries collected over 8 years of high-intensity training” as the primary reason for the star’s retirement.

While the eSports world is fast growing, gamers do not radiate the very best physical health, with lifestyles in front of screens, unhealthy consuming practices and repeated hand and arm movements.