Jersey Coast: Family Getaway fans are not happy with Jenni “JWOWW” Farley after seeing her and Zack Clayton “24” Carpinello in a recent YouTube video.

JWOWW and 24 started dating in April of 2019. However, during Jersey Shore: Household Holiday, the two had a falling out and broke up. In October 2019, Farley saw Carpinello getting too close with her roomie, Angelina Pivarnick. Although the rest of the cast alerted her about 24’s behavior, Farley stuck with Carpinello.

Nevertheless, when the episode aired on Oct. 10, 2019, Farley saw what occurred in between her boyfriend and her roommate. During the night, JWOWW passed out on the floor of the club while Carpinello was grinding with Pivarnick. Later on, the Jersey Coast drama starter kissed JWOWW’s partner on the cheek and jokingly asked if they could have a threesome.

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When Farley viewed the episode, she right away broke things off with 24.

” After seeing tonight’s episode, I’m quite injured,” JWOWW composed on Instagram. “I feel disrespected by someone I called a good friend and by someone who stated they enjoy me.”

On July 24, 2020, JWOWW shared a YouTube video of she and Greyson baking cupcakes for Meilani’s sixth birthday. The unicorn poop cupcakes ended up being a Pinterest stop working, however fans were more concerned about 24 in the video.

Carpinello appears around minute 4:00 to help Farley pipeline icing onto the cupcakes, and that is the minute fans can not stop talking about.

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” I’m surprised and dissatisfied,” one fan composed in the remarks to the video.

Some fans had no idea that Farley was back together with Carpinello, but it appears from the video that he is a large part of her life. Other fans are confused because they thought she ended things after the Jersey Coast: Family Trip episode.

” Wait, why is 24 there?” another fan asked. “I thought they separated after he pursued Angelina.”

On July 5, 2020, Farley shared an image of Mike’ The Scenario’ Sorrentino’s birthday celebration at The Butcher Block restaurant in New Jersey. JWOWW and 24 were posing together as a couple. He likewise appeared in a picture on June 24, 2020, where he was holding a sleeping Greyson. Farley gets numerous negative remarks when she is envisioned with Carpinello, so she does not publish the two together as much as 24 does.

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From Carpinello’s Instagram account, it appears that the two are a happy couple. He is frequently imagined with JWOWW’s children and in charming poses with her. On Mother’s Day, he wrote a particularly sweet post.

“I’m happy to invest Mother’s Day with these 3,” the professional wrestler captioned a photo of Farley and her 2 kids.

JWOWW and 24’s relationship is growing strong in spite of the drama from Pivarnick and fan complaints.