Over 1.6 billion hours of content was viewed in the month of October.

With Covid-19 still having a substantial impact on an international scale, a number of us have needed to turn to other types of entertainment to keep us inhabited. During this frustrating time, Twitch has seen a substantial increase in its viewing figures and has actually handled to achieve its most effective month yet in October with 1.6 billion hours of content viewed. This is according to a new StreamElements report, which also exposes a few other fascinating bits.

To start with, the report shows that the most-watched classification for October was Simply Chatting, which handled to create 200 million hours seen. For those that are unaware, these streams are for more casual interactions between the host and their audience. Just Chatting saw a 20% increase in views from the previous month and had a considerable lead on League of Legends, which was in second location with 166 million hours viewed. In third location, Among United States took quite a tumble, as watching hours were down 36% for the last month. Has the title now peaked in appeal?