JDG bounce back in the 5th week of 2021 LPL Spring Split with a decisive 2-0 win against Team WE.

The stars of today’s match were Zoom and LokeN, both receiving the MVP choose their performances throughout the series. Zoom popped off in the first video game on Renekton, ending up the video game with a 4/1/6 KDA on the crocodile, while LokeN utilized Jhin in the 2nd video game to end Team WE’s hopes of a reverse sweep.

The series began with a powerful early-game from Group WE. They secured leads in multiple lanes and build up a 4 thousand gold lead by 15 minutes. JDG maintained their focus and with the aid of Zoom’s Renekton came back into the game. After winning a couple of teamfights, they had the ability to turn the tides versus Group WE and secure the very first win of the series.

Following the loss from the very first game, Team WE didn’t fail and as soon as again chose aggressive early-game plays. Their playstyle was rewarded with a five thousand gold lead by 15 minutes this time. JDG as soon as again used their exceptional teamfight mechanics to overwhelm Group WE even while being behind a couple of countless gold. After removing the Baron following a teamfight win, JDG closed out the series.

Following this 2-0 win over Group WE, JDG (4-3) are now in seventh location in the 2021 LPL Spring Split standings. They’ll be back in action next week with 2 matches versus Suning and ThunderTalk Gaming.