In this March 25, 2020 picture, the newly-built Japan National Stadium, the main place for the 2020 Olympic Games, is pictured from a highrise seeing location in Tokyo, the day after the historical decision to delay the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. (CHARLY TRIBALLEAU/ AFP).

TOKYO – Japan’s National Stadium will stage track and field occasions for the first time in August, the Japan Association of Athletics Federations (JAAF) revealed here on Tuesday.

The Golden Grand Prix 2020 Tokyo, a World Sports Continental Trip Gold Satisfying initially arranged to occur on May 10 as a test occasion for the Olympic Games, is to happen at the Olympic Stadium on August 23.

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The JAAF stated in a statement that, together with the leading Japanese professional athletes in each event, the Grand Prix will also feature high school athletes, whose significant national high school champions and other occasions have been canceled.

Due to travel constraints in place, the conference will just be open to professional athletes residing in Japan.

The declaration included that fans will not be able to go to the meeting however can follow the action on TV and live streaming.