The character has been involved in debate, especially after last October 10, within the framework of the World Mental Health Day, posted that she required support and was dealing with loving herself, which triggered critics on how the research study asked individuals to encourage a marketing tool in such a context.

To include to the controversy, now a female determined only as Stephanie Keeps that Riot Games built on it to develop Seraphine.

In a comprehensive entry published in Medium, Stephanie said that amongst the reasons that make her suspect is that in 2019 she had a relationship with a Riot staff member with whom he spoke for about three months and whom he saw face to face two times.

‘I graduated, finally I painted my hair pink […] and I got my very first task without even thinking about seeing him again. After a year of stopping talking, Seraphine – an optimistic woman from pink hair who just began dealing with her way to achieving her dreams – begins posting on Twitter and ultimately ends up being the new League of Legends champ. ‘states the girl.

He described that in those 3 months they played League of Legends and they exchanged messages, amongst which he said it would be an excellent concept to take elements of her look and life, as well as the voice for an undefined project.

He likewise kept in mind that the person Stephanie related to left Riot more than a year ago and clarified that he operated in an area that had no connection with the imaginative process.