The last time the New England Patriots did not win the AFC East remained in 2008, when quarterback Tom Brady missed the season with a broken ACL. Now that Brady is no longer in the division, can things come full circle with a brand-new AFC East champ?

The Patriots’ dash of 11 straight departments is an NFL record, with the closest group being the Los Angeles Rams, which won the NFC West 7 times in a row (1973 to ’79).

The Patriots sign up with the Atlanta Braves (14) as the only franchise services from the NFL, NBA, MLB or NHL to win a minimum of 10 straight division titles.

The New York Yankees (1.

Prior to their one-year offer with quarterback Webcam Newton in late June, the Brady-less Patriots seemed more susceptible, while the Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins and New York City Jets all appeared to be making development this season. Does Newton’s arrival alter the outlook and swing the pendulum back in favor of the Patriots?

ESPN NFL Country reporters Abundant Cimini (Jets), Marcel Louis-Jacques (Expenses), Mike Reiss (Patriots) and Cameron Wolfe (Dolphins) do the thing for – and versus – the groups they cover.

Why they win AFC East: From leading to bottom, this is the most skilled mailing list on paper in the department. With ten beginners returning on both sides of the ball and a top-three points defense in each of the previous 2 seasons, the Expenses were already able to make a run on the division crown prior to Brady left the Patriots. Now that they have added receiver Stefon Diggs to increase last season’s anemic pass offense, the expenses are poised to win their first division since 1995.

Why they will not: Buffalo’s schedule will be difficult in week 5, which begins a run of four matches versus the playoff team 2019 in five weeks. If the bills stumble through this stretch, they may have a difficult time winning the division. Buffalo’s offensive connection is likewise essential, and a lot is riding on quarterback Josh Allen’s signing up with Diggs, which could take time after a minimal season due to the coronavirus pandemic. – Jacques Louis.

Why they win AFC East: No AFC East team has improved more than the Dolphins this season. Tua Tagovailoa has more up than any quarterback here, and coach Brian Flores collected a record of 5-11 of the NFL’s worst program list in 2019.

Brady is gone, and even with Newton’s arrival, this Patriots team does not share the very same worries it as soon as did. The bills are most likely a minimum of sharing favorites, however they do not terrify anyone. Jets are still … Jets. The department is wide open, so why not the dolphins?

Why they will not: It’s a year too early. The Dolphins have lots of young skill, but after a reduced season, there is a lot to ask for them to win the department with a rookie quarterback trying to break into the lineup, four or five new beginners on the offending line and two brand-new coordinators. The Patriots and the Expenses have more proven talent and cohesion throughout the 2020 season. Miami must be competitive, but 2021 will most likely be their year. – Wolfe.

Why they win AFC East: The defense suffices to lead the group through the difficult early part of the schedule, offering quarterback Sam Darnold & Co. a possibility to construct chemistry and create an identity. After a sluggish start, Darnold will delight in a breakout season, with the help of rejuvenated running back Le’Veon Bell and novice broad receiver Denzel Mims. They have not made the playoffs since 2010. There is a law on averages, right?

Why they will not: Whether Jamal Adams is on the team or not, his agreement breach will produce a bad ambiance that penetrates the locker space. Coach Adam Gase will not be able to conquer the stress and anxiety, and whatever will break down. The greatest factor, however, is: There is still a shortage of talent on the list. When a strong security (Adams) is clearly the best gamer on the team, it’s an issue. – Cimini.

Why they win AFC East: Costs Belichick is still the coach, who rules this year’s NFL defensive gamer Stephon Gilmore is still standing on the cornerback, and there is a strong core of leadership that remains regardless of Brady’s departure. If Newton is healthy and can supply a solid level in quarterback (assuming he beats sophomore Jarrett Stidham), it would respond to the group’s most significant concern, as his huge game experience is something that was missing out on from this list.

Why they will not: At some time, the quarterback needs to step up and make championship-type tosses, and it remains a concern of whether Newton (health, system/ culture fits) or Stidham (experience) can do it regularly. Include a pandemic that got rid of the possibility for practice, and the obstacle only increases. In addition, the schedule must test the Patriots, with roadway video games against Seattle, Kansas City, Houston, Rams and Chargers. – Reiss.