The International Esports Federation has actually selected Malaysian Tiffani Lim as the head of the newly established Athletes Committee, which is charged with establishing and distributing a standard agreement design template for companies and players’ reference, to name a few.

Lim, or better understood as Oling in the eports circle, is a Dota 2 player and presently serves as the pro-tem President of the Malaysian Esports Players’ Association (MESPA). She is also the Head of Marketing & PR of Fight Arena Malaysia.

“Today, the term ‘esports player’ currently suggests something very various than it did a decade ago, yet we still have many prevalent systemic issues relating to player rights – organizers get away with unsettled cash prize, and players sign uneven agreements and get exploited unconsciously.

“As ex- and present competitive players, we have actually experienced our fair share of concerns, and hence we have the ability to share our experiences so our fellow players don’t have to run into the same walls as we did. We will do whatever within our capability to provide a safe opportunity for gamers to seek assistance from,” Lim said in a statement to GoSports.

Besides working on a standard contract design template for esports professional athletes, Lim’s team is also organising a series of workshops to inform players on their legal rights, along with developing a license system for esports team coaches, which is a career option for retired expert gamers.

Lim will be helped by three other people from varied backgrounds, nations and regions covering different video game titles, namely Pedro “barboza” Barbosa, Simona “Monny” Ivanovska and Freddy “Zubscop” Mazila.