Inside Hawks’ L.A. workouts, secret pickup games: ‘We’re not a cinch’

In July, when 22 teams throughout the NBA briefly transferred to Orlando for the resumption of last season inside a bubble, Trae Young headed to Southern California to start the exact same training he has gone through given that his pre-draft procedure in 2018.

The dune in Malibu are where Young goes to establish his lower-body surge as he runs up and down the dunes that overlook the Pacific Ocean. Young usually spends a number of weeks in Southern California throughout the offseason to train, however this offseason was various than typical since of how long it was. For the eight teams not in the bubble, the majority of the offseason included wondering when they would be able to play other teams and amongst themselves. The NBA’s stringent standards for those teams’ practice centers permitted private exercises however no group activities outside of a two-week stretch for minicamp.

The restrictions caused gamers on those teams looking for any open gym where they might play some …