LOS ANGELES (CBSLA)– Starting Saturday, Los Angeles County citizens can vote in-person at several locations.

Staples Center is among the 118 voting places in L.A. County that will formally open Saturday and the county has actually made numerous modifications to ensure voters feel safe.

” We desire citizens to understand that it is safe to come and vote,” said L.A. County Registrar Dean Logan.

Logan spoke at the Banc of California Stadium kick-off occasion Friday, among numerous big locations that will be utilized as a vote center.

” We feel like it is our contacting us to do all we can to ensure our community can vote safely and with confidence in this pandemic,” L.A. Football Club Co-President Larry Freedman said at the Banc of California Stadium occasion.

Banc of California Stadium, Dodgers Stadium and Staples Center, don’t open up until next Friday but Staples Center, the Forum and several other significant venues will be open starting Oct. 24.

The county said using the large places will assist with crowds after lots of citizens were left waiting for hours in March.

” We did have some battles with that,” stated Logan. “Not so much with devices but logistics and operations. We worked truly tough, all hands on deck every day because that election to enhance that procedure.”

Every ballot station will be separated by at least 6 feet. When it comes time to vote, poll volunteers will be rubbing out each station in between use. Hand sanitizer, gloves and masks will likewise be offered to any citizen who wants them.

“We anticipate high voter turnout in this election and we put priority on the defense and health and safety of our voters and election employees,” Logan stated.

In reality, the county is currently tape-recording record numbers.

This month, 5.7 million signed up voters were sent mail-in tallies. So far, one and a half million ballots are currently back. With majority being dropped off at a dropbox, election results might be determined quicker than usual.

“In this election, a little different than what we’ve seen prior to, after 8 p.m. on election night, those votes we produce will be a relatively substantial sampling of our entire county,” Logan said.

People can enact individual up until 8 p.m. on November 3, or make sure their tally is postmarked by the exact same day.

Beginning Saturday the 118 ballot websites will open and all 791 ballot sites will be open by next Friday on October 30.

In L.A. County, signed up citizens can vote at any location they chose.