iFixit performed a major teardown in Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max. The business revealed that the new device has a distinct L-shaped battery.

( Picture: Screenshot from Twitter post of @aivanet).

What? iPhone 12 Pro Max’s Battery Has an L-Shape? iFixit Reveals Other Internal Modifications You Need To Check!

iFixit actually opened iPhone 12 Pro Max and revealed some special distinctions in the design of the internals. These include the complete level of the bigger cam system.

According to Macrumors’ most current report, the bigger camera system allows the gadget to have boosted low-light performance. When iFixit first opened the smartphone, the internal function that truly stands apart is the L-shaped battery, which was very first integrated into iPhone 11 Pro Max.

However, compared to the previous flagship, iPhone 12 Pro Max’s battery has a more rectangular-shape since it was reported that Apple utilized it to balance out increasing expenses owing to 5G tech.

iPhone 12 Pro Max’s L-shaped battery.

This device’s battery is currently the largest one in the iPhone 12 series. It supplies 14.13 Wh, which is greater than the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro considering that they only provide 10.78 Wh power.

( Photo: Screenshot from Twitter post of @DAVTech_).

What? iPhone 12 Pro Max’s Battery Has an L-Shape? iFixit Reveals Other Internal Changes You Need To Examine!

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However, iPhone 11 Pro Max still has the upper hand when it pertains to the battery, thanks to its 15.04 Wh. Aside from the L-shaped battery, iFixit was also impressed with the camera package since it is huge compared to other iPhone 12.

What makes its electronic camera system larger is Apple’s sensor choice. The company supplied an x-ray of the video camera package, revealing that the device’s basic large camera (bottom left in the 3) has a larger 12-megapixel sensor compared to other iPhone 12s, around 47%.

Apple revealed iPhone 12 users will experience new concerns.

Forbes reported that Apple announced that iPhone 12 users will deal with upcoming severe issues. The tech huge maker validated that iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max will be used with a major hardware concern.

The business previously said that brand-new mobile phones are struggling with significant display concerns. These include green and gray radiant, flickering, and other lighting issues.

Some users are already publishing their gadgets’ problems online. Nevertheless, although this is a major case, Apple decided to advise the Authorized Company to not serve the affected users at the moment.

The report explained that the factor behind the order was Apple will attempt very first to fix some of the issues with the iOS updates.

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