Chile is no longer the worst league in South America. That can be raised as a result of the list of the finest championship games in the world in 2020, prepared by the International Federation of History and Statistics (IFFHS). It is a ladder that has 80 leagues, took into examination between January 1 and December 31 of in 2015.

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The national competition increased 21 places compared to the 2019 list, in which it was ranked 53rd, the last within Conmebol. In 2020 it is 32nd, with 365 points. It is the seventh most effective on the continent, being exceeded by Brazil (3rd), Paraguay (8th), Argentina (9th), Ecuador (10th), Colombia (14th) and Uruguay (30th).

In this way, Chile surpasses the powers of Bolivia (44th), Peru (46th) and Venezuela (70th). Post link

The Creole championship was the one that increased one of the most of the South Americans in the ranking, with 21 locations. On the other hand, the one that fell the most was the Venezuelan, which fell 29 positions.

This ranking is prepared through a points system, thinking about various aspects, such as the global results of the clubs in each country, the level of investment and competitors. Because sense, the involvement of the nationals in the South American Cup (the semifinal of Coquimbo Unido, plus the rooms of UC and La Calera) helped the regional league to increase.

After 14 years, Serie A in Italy is as soon as again the finest league worldwide according to the IFFHS. Short article link