If not Gonzaga or Baylor, then who? Which other teams can win everything?

At times the men’s college basketball season has felt like a prolonged and rather extraneous run-up to the national title video game all of us desire and anticipate: Gonzaga vs. Baylor. A lot so it has actually typically felt like there are just two options when choosing who can win the nationwide championship– in truth, all 14 The Athletic College Basketball staffers surveyed earlier this week predicted the Zags or the Bears to cut down the internet in Indianapolis.

But this is the NCAA Tournament we’re discussing. Weird things occur. It’s a one-off event requiring teams to string 6 straight excellent efforts together under high-pressure conditions. So we asked a follow-up question: “Who else?”

3 respondents stated, in fact, there was nobody else to select. But 9 groups not called Gonzaga or Baylor were suggested as possibilities, and we have ranked them in 3 tiers based on the number of votes.

Tier 1: If not them, then …