The Washington Football Group proceeded from quarterback Dwayne Haskins previously this week.

” This afternoon I consulted with Dwayne and notified him that we would be releasing him,” Rivera stated in a statement. “I told him that I believe it benefits both celebrations that we go out separate ways. We wish to thank Dwayne for his contributions these last 2 seasons and want him well moving forward.”

Haskins wasn’t gotten from the waivers which indicates he can sign with any team. There are a handful of teams supposedly thinking about him and while the Falcons have not been considered one, some Atlanta fans wish the group would sign him. However, other Falcons fans entirely disagree, thinking he would be too distracted by the Atlanta nightlife.

Haskins started the season as Washington’s beginning quarterback but when he stopped working to measure up to expectation, he was benched. Backups Kyle Allen and Alex Smith took control of. Haskin’s first video game benched, he violated COVID-19 protocols by having someone go to him at the Washington team’s hotel.

Haskins got another chance at starting again when both Allen and Smith were injured and the team lost. The loss didn’t phase Haskins who went to a celebration and was seen at a strip club without a mask on.

When pictures emerged on the internet, Haskins was fined $40,000 and likewise lost his area as a group captain for breaking procedure. Washington did not launch solely due to the fact that they required a beginning quarterback against the Carolina Panthers.

Haskins started on Sunday, however was quickly benched after a poor start finishing 50% of his passes and tossing 2 interceptions. Washington put in their fourth-string Taylor Heinicke and ultimately lost to Carolina 20-12.

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Atlanta’s nightlife is a lot crazier than anything Haskins has actually seen in DC, but nobody ever warns someone when visiting Buckhead that there is an imaginary caution tape around it. Why do you think Web cam Netwon belongs there? He enjoys strippers.

Then there’s ‘Buckhead’ Brett Farve, who partied way too difficult which resulted in Atlanta trading him.

Favre was young when Atlanta drafted him and unlimited stories declare he almost ‘drank the entire city dry’ and was always seen spending his nights at the bars in Buckhead (for this reason the nickname).

Falcons head coach at the time, Jerry Glanville, was not a Favre fan at all. When he satisfied Favre at camp, he embarrassed Favre in front of his teammates by telling him he indicated to prepare “the man from Mississippi State.”

Glanville hardly played Favre his rookie season. He played simply five snaps and finished zero passes, threw 2 interceptions, and was sacked for an eleven-yard loss.

There was one moment that sparked Glenville to end it all which was during the annual authorities group photo at the training facility. Favre whipped into the parking area an hour after the shoot had currently happened. His excuse was he had gotten stuck behind a terrible traffic mishap till he saw Glanville wasn’t catching onto the lie and told him he was hungover and forgot to set an alarm.

“I got caught behind a car wreck,” Favre told the coach.

“You are a cars and truck wreck,” Glanville responded.

Atlanta fined Favre $1,500 and when he would inform those he satisfied at the bar that he played for Atlanta, they would believe it was a fib considering that he wasn’t in the team’s 1991 image.

Favre was traded to the Green Bay Packers for a first-round choice.

That could have been the best-worst mistake Atlanta ever made.

Haskins wouldn’t know how to manage Atlanta, sure, but what if the Falcons are missing out on out on a future Hall of Famer as they finished with Farve?