Under the new format, a national group selection process and an online local competitors will happen before an international in-person last, arranged to be kept in Israel in December.

Stage one of the new format starts this month and goes through until September.

It sees nationwide members of the IESF host a team choice process to identify their agents at the World Championships.

The second stage of the brand-new format happens in October and November, with the IESF and the World Championship Organising Committee hosting a local competition online to narrow the worldwide field to a select group of esports gamers, who will move forward to the World Champion Global Finals.

The Worldwide Finals are scheduled to take place in Eilat in Israel in December, with players completing on a live stage in order to crown the world champion.

” We are super thrilled to host this year’s World Championship finals in Israel,” said Ido Brosh, President of the World Champion Organising Committee.

” Because of the situations, I believe that our new strategy will present the triumph of esports and human spirit even in tough times where we are physically restricted.”

Although the Global Finals are currently scheduled for December, organisers state they might alter the dates depending on the circumstance with any constraints in location due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The 12th edition of the IESF World Championships will feature gamers completing on games consisting of a fighting game entitled Tekken 7, video game eFootball PES and online fight arena computer game DOTA 2.

The IESF, based in South Korea and founded in 2008 is the oldest governing body that claims to have duty for esports.

Last month it announced five new member countries – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brunei, Montenegro, Peru and San Marino – to take the total to 72.