A new Steam benefits program that just released lets players get Steam profile products and backgrounds utilizing points earned by purchasing games. Some of these can turn your profile into an unsightly mess. I decided to see just how unsightly.

As Jurassic Park’s Ian Malcolm might say, I was so preoccupied with whether I could, I didn’t stop to believe if I should.

The other day was the start of the annual Steam Summer Sale. And alongside a substantial list of discounts and deals, Valve likewise launched a new benefits store that provides gamers different products they can acquire utilizing points made from acquiring games on Steam. For example, you can now buy a chill and tranquil background of a lake house for your Steam profile.

Or a relaxing animated background featuring bubbles.

Good. Really relaxing and stylish. However I didn’t want to unwind or be classy. I wished to turn my Steam profile into an early-2000s MySpace page. I wanted to develop something genuinely awful and irritating. So I took the points I had from previous Steam purchases and started a shopping spree, looking for the most ugly and gaudy gifs fake-Valve-dollars could buy.

This new Steam Points Store is already packed with a lot of cosmetic items, a number of them from popular Steam video games. You can find animated stickers from CS: GO, Doom Eternal, Dota 2, Half-Life, and many, a lot more games. I was instantly drawn to a sticker from The Witcher 3. It was Geralt in his bathtub. It cost me 1,000 Steam points. Considering you need to invest 1 dollar to make 100 points, this Geralt expense me $10 U.S. Dollars.

Worth it.

After buying a few more animated stickers that I might plaster on the front of my profile, I understood my background was so dull and static. Thankfully, the Steam Points Shop has a good selection of obnoxious animated backgrounds. I decided to opt for “Ink” due to the fact that it had the most movement. After spending 2000 points on it, providing it a value of $20, I found that Ink is relatively low resolution and the animation isn’t as smooth as I anticipated. However these two drawbacks were actually merits, and made my profile page look even worse!

If after seeing my profile page you too wish to develop something horrible, don’t feel like you require to rush over to Steam today or prior to the sale ends. Unlike previous Steam gimmicks, the points store will be remaining completely. Which is good, considering previous Steam sale occasions have actually included weird, intricate, and broken gimmicks that typically confused players more than anything. The Steam Points Shop is basic, stylish, simple to understand, and feels like a natural addition to the Steam environment.

Now, if Valve would simply let me include some Evanescence songs to my profile it would really be a proper memorial to the MySpace pages of old.