I like to think I’m not easily impressed by in-game cosmetics. If I’m going to drop some real money on a virtual goodie, it has to be cool enough that I can inform my partner just how much I invested in it without feeling ashamed. That technique has served me well for several years, however in some cases an item is simply too distinct or unusual to pass up on. Fellow virtual weapon connoisseurs, I offer you: the Call of Responsibility: Warzone tape deck weapon.

It’s a gun. It’s a tape deck. It’s an absurd vanity piece that I, for some factor, decided I needed.

But it’s likewise extremely cool, right? The Retro Renegade pack is among Call of Task: Warzone/Cold War’s first “Mastercraft” packages, CoD’s name for its highest-tier ultra cosmetics. The classy paint task is cool and all, however it’s the customized inspect animation that makes its ultra score. While checking the weapon, your character pops open a concealed cassette cartridge on the barrel and turns over the ingrained tape. Then you’re treated to a couple of seconds of Call of Responsibility music that sounds convincingly like it’s spewing out of a crummy ’80s speaker. The bundle also includes a comparable skin (without a tape deck) for the FFAR assault rifle, a gun sticker label, beauty, calling card, boat skin, watch, and vehicle horn. All of this for $20 (or 2400 COD Points).

Honestly, I only bought the bundle for the tape-decked-out KSP 45 SMG, so I may also have paid $20 for a single weapon skin. Did I get duped? Your response will vary based upon the environment you’re used to in the video games you play. If you primarily play Warzone, League of Legends, Destiny 2, or Fortnite, $20 is near the ceiling of what can spend for its rarest goodies. But delve into the depths of Valorant and you’ll find packages approaching $100 that its gamers are seemingly fine with (you see them in matches all the time). And don’t even get me begun on Valve’s free-flowing product market that allows unusual CS: GO and Dota 2 skins to bloat into the thousands. For me, $20 is ideal on the line between “pleased I bought it” and “regretting it a bit more each time I think about it.”

I was worthy of that.

The weapon’s okay either. The KSP had actually avoided me previously and I didn’t expect to adapt to its forced burst fire so quickly. I even managed to pop off in a few Plunder rounds with absolutely nothing however the tape deck. It’s definitely not a top-tier meta pick, however what’s the fun in running around with the exact same 4 weapons that everyone else is utilizing? I desire the MAC-10 main I just outplayed to hear the dulcet tones of my tape deck as I ignore their remains. I likewise checked out the KSP in a few Cold War matches, but the frenzied speed and haphazard respawns indicated my efforts to turn on the tape deck mid-round normally got me eliminated.

Regrettably, I can’t state the Retro Abandoner passed the partner test. It’s safe to state she would not have spent $20 on this thing, no matter how much she digs the appearance of it. She is a devoted Overwatch player who always resists the urge to purchase seasonal loot boxes, so I should have expected as much.

To be reasonable to CoD, I’ve paid similar prices for cosmetics I like a lot less. I wish Rainbow 6 Siege’s $15 Elite bundles (of which I own numerous) added as much style as the Walkman weapon. They do come with custom success animations that play if you’re the MVP, but it’s harder to display in the middle of a round. The closest examples are Sledge’s L Detachment skin that transforms his sledgehammer into a damaging ball on a stick (it’s ill as hell) and IQ’s Reunification set that coincidentally swaps her electronic devices scanner for a Walkman (no music, unfortunately).

As hesitant as I am to admit it, I believe I have expensive taste in service games. It’s not about wearing an elegant status sign or anything dumb like that. I gravitate towards cosmetics that meaningfully change the item beyond a coat of paint. The Retro Renegade does that in spades, I simply want innovative skins like this were less of a rarity in FPSes. I desire to be having as great of a time as all those Fortnite gamers turning their pickaxes into laser swords and gliders into whole-ass cars and trucks. In the meantime, I’m content with my costly(?) tape player with a trigger.