Diego Pablo Simeone, coach of the

Atlético de Madrid, evaluated the fantastic success attained by his team against the Genuine society. And he did it in the same tone as constantly, without casting the bells to the flight in spite of the reality that his group revealed a solidity typical of the champions.

” You currently know me and I will be frequent with what I think, however the only thing that matters to us is the next game. The work is being really good, however you have to show it in the next game against him Getafe. It is the only thing that will actually count, “said the Argentine, who added:” How many dates are missing? 25 dates? Match by match, match, by match, match by match “.

What he did not deny Cholo is that his team played one of the most complete games, defensively and offensively, this season. “The protective forcefulness, due to the fact that today we were very excellent in defense to be able to recuperate balls against a team that knows how to try to find superiorities. We were able to control it with a great deal of order and implementation, which is due to the effort of the group. In the first half we lacked clarity in attack, but in the 2nd half it offered us more clearness and shine in the last meters versus a really hard opponent, “he discussed to explain that he doesn’t know if he is the best, due to the fact that there have actually been very great matches in this course.

” The team has actually had great games, to just have one would be unfair. Today we could not count on Joao Felix and the team reacted well. That generates delight in the gamers, because that offers excellent tune. The crucial thing is to keep the course we choose, and that is working, “he said.


Simeone did not conceal that the trajectory that the team is taking is up. Extremely amazing. “The development of the group is really fantastic, we have to follow the coaches what the players ask of us, they ask people Lemar, Suárez, Correa, Joao Félix, Hermoso, Lodi, Felipe makes a fantastic video game … and what provides us to have alternatives, and to attack we can change positions to find ourselves better. Through numerous passages, all the group work that is being done has passed. And that’s excellent, however you need to keep working, not looking anywhere, however only to the next game versus him. Getafe”He insisted.

Lastly, he referred to the truth that with this victory he accomplished the 300 considering that he reached the Athletic. “The reality is that (he is thrilled), since I featured the sure concept of taking Athletic to the best of this game. Devoted to my individuals and my footballers, thank Miguel Angel Gil and Enrique Cerezo the opportunity to come as a coach, I knew I was going to come back when I left as a player. And I prepared myself for all of this. But I likewise know they can kick me out tomorrow. However you have to consolidate all this, and you don’t require the word or the creativity, however the reality, and that can be seen on the pitch “, he concluded.