Tech companies are ensuring you’ll have a lot of new ways to delight in the game Sunday.

this camp, Verizon is going on the offensive for the big video game, the carrier investing more than $80 million to set up irreversible five G deployments in Raymond James Stadium and surrounding Tampa. We recognize that this is a different year, so we’ve taken the opportunity to actually construct out a fantastic set of experiences. That five g connection allows fans attending in individual or at house to toggle in between numerous electronic camera angles on the NFL app in genuine time. They can be basically in several locations inside the stadium at any one time. It likewise enables them to do their own playbacks on replays, a time when it may not be safe to host a Super Bowl party face to face, fans can tune in and interact virtually with the complimentary watch together include on the Yahoo Sports App or those viewing on who plus can utilize tell a celebration to share a screen. You might even hang out in virtual truth. You can use an app like big screen, and there are a few others where you men can have basically almost a theater to yourselves. You’re truly being in your house is by yourselves with your headsets on, but it feels like you exist. If you’re not a die difficult fan of the chief Starbucks, players can get in on the Super Bowl fund with Verizon’s new activation in the popular video game fortnight, fans can play 4 football associated video games in the virtual stadium and reveal covert surprises. There’s gon na be all sorts of events and games where NFL gamers play versus popular twitch streamers, a range of high tech methods to join the excitement of the big video game. Liz McLaughlin, NBC News.