ZeroTwo’s 2-1 win over HOYO today sealed the fates for HOYO, who have been gotten rid of together with Yangon Galacticos from the Dota Pro Circuit 2021 lower division Southeast Asia Regional League.

HOYO, led by Galvin “Meracle” Kang, has been battling with lineup instabilities throughout the Dota 2 competition. Filled with a few of the more recognized players in the tier-two scene, they managed to win simply two series and will need to try to requalify through the open qualifiers for next season’s Regional League after the Singapore Major.

Both eliminated teams will leave the competition without any reward money. ZeroTwo, who made sure survival by the skin of their teeth with a 3-4 record, keep their location in the lower division and $7,000 in reward cash.

The SEA lower division Regional League is heading into its recently of competitors. Omega Esports, consisting of the former Group Adroit players, have secured promotion into the upper department, leaving another berth. Mongolian stack Lilgun is in control of their own fate and will outright make promo if they win their series versus the lowest-ranked Yangon Galacticos.

But a Lilgun loss would mean that a possible four-way tie of 4-3 records is on the cards, therefore establishing tiebreakers for the final slot. Lilgun’s series vs. Yangon Galacticos is scheduled for Feb. 25 at 1am CT