Don’t lose out this competition if you have an eager eye for skill.

The offseason can be among the more exciting times to play League of Legends for players who like experimenting with new methods, however it might feel like an eternity for die-hard fans of the video game’s competitive scene. Just like the remainder of the gamer base, professionals also take their time to check the brand-new modifications and select brand-new methods to bust out when the league starts.

The competitive season does not go live up until the ranked season officially starts in many areas, indicating you might need to see a lots of highlights to satisfy your competitive itch. Knowing that a lot of fans would run out of clips to enjoy, the Chinese League scene is hosting Demacia Cup 2020, an event that will include all 17 LPL groups alongside 3 LDL, and 4 amateur teams.

Though the competition might look like an enormous playground for the top LPL teams, the level of competitors within the Chinese League scene differs from any other all over the world, meaning there could be upsets of any size as the tournament plays out.

The first match of the 2020 Demacia Cup will begin at Dec. 21, 9pm CT, however the broadcast can begin a bit earlier with experts and casters setting up the event.

A total of 24 groups will be getting involved in the event and the top four LPL groups will receive a bye to the quarterfinals. Top Esports, JD Gaming, Suning, and LGD Gaming will not be able to face each other up until semifinals.

The rest of the 20 groups will take part in four groups of 5 groups, featuring a snake draft system. Each group’s last-drafted team will get a chance to switch a group in their group with any other non-amateur group participating in the tournament.

The group stage will feature a round-robin format and each match will be a best-of-one. All matches during the bracket phase will be best-of-fives.