Every patch update in League of Legends features its own brand of bugs and exploits that make the MOBA difficult to enjoy.

After the most recent 11.1 update, there is an error code that has been destroying a great deal of matches for gamers worldwide.

The “not able to connect to the authentication service” error code has been popping up a lot, and it has actually been crashing the video game along with the client for numerous League of Legends gamers.

As the error message may come up during champ select, at the login screen, or mid game; it’s difficult to determine the exact cause behind the issue.

Nevertheless, the issue does have some simple options, and this guide intends to elaborate on those to assist out League of Legends gamers affected by this bug.

# 1 – Checking server status

League of Legends gamers facing this concern need to first inspect the server status for their particular area, as the issue may be on Riot’s part.

By just clicking this link, gamers will be able to see if the server that they play in is presently dealing with any downtime or not.

# 2 – Upgrading the Firewall

Mistakes like the “not able to link to the authentication service” can frequently be triggered due to Windows Firewall. If gamers discover that the League of Legends server of their respective regions is working fine, then it’s likely that the problem is triggered by the Firewall software settings, which is obstructing your internet gain access to.

Repairing the mistake and then updating the Windows Firewall might work.

# 3 – Re-installing the game

If the above two options are not working, then re-installing the video game may be an option to look into.

The spot 11.1 upgrade might have damaged certain files in the game, which can be easily repaired by either fixing the files or reinstalling League of Legends from scratch.

# 4 – Contacting customer support

Riot’s customer assistance is pretty well known for giving timely replies and developing a fix as early as possible.

By just lodging a problem on their main site, League of Legends gamers impacted by the bug might get a permanent service when all else stops working.