Have you ever completed a game of League of Legends and stopped to think how lots of hours you’ve invested into the video game?

The answer, like it or not, is probably lots of hundreds of hours you might’ve spent doing other things– like reading a book, discovering a second language, or knuckling down and going to the health club.

Wasted On LoL is a website that tells you everything you require to understand about your addiction to League. Just input your summoner name (or anyone else’s for that matter) and the website will calculate for how long you have actually spent playing League (and Teamfight Techniques) because you first signed into your account.

After entering your summoner name, the website will tell you how lots of minutes, hours, and days you’ve invested playing the video game, along with how your numbers stack up versus other players in your region.

To rub it in your face even further, the website also notes the number of books you could have read, motion pictures you could have seen, and kilometers you could have strolled.

But no matter the number of hours you have actually put into ending up being the very best Blitzcrank, Ahri, or Signed gamer in the world, simply understand that you probably have not played as much as Korea’s Pensieve, who’s invested an impressive 634 days (almost two complete years) of their life playing the video game.