League of Legends shouldn’t require any introduction, however for those of you living under a rock, here goes. League of Legends is a popular MOBA game that has tens of millions of fans hooked.

It’s delighted in by players all around the world and is among the very best free to play games.

Depending upon the video game mode, you partner with 2 or 4 other gamers and effort to ruin the enemy group’s base. It won’t be simple, considering that the opposing force has an equivalent number of players in their group.

Plus, there are waves of minions generating routinely, attempting to stop you. And did I mention the giant weaponized towers that are not as forgiving as you ‘d believe?

Long story short, League of Legends is an amazing video game and can provide you with unlimited hours of fun.

Nevertheless, things can go sour if issues like high latency, jitter, or packet loss occur.

It’s quite simple. When you connect to the Internet, you send and get information packets. If some of the packets never ever reach their destination, we describe it as packet loss.

For League of Legends, it’s data that you send out to the server (or the server sends to you) and never makes it to its destination.

This phenomenon can cause other issues that are more noticeable. For example, package loss could cause rubberbanding, high latency, and even connection timeouts. And all of us understand how frustrating it can be when you’re leading a match and get kicked suddenly.

Or a severe lag storm lets you open and vulnerable, and you get ganked. Hey, it takes place. Network congestion is typically to blame. The problem is that often, you can’t do anything aside from wait. Which’s likewise the bright side.

It’s rather easy, really. The most apparent way to observe packet loss is if the video game begins lagging. One of two times it’s because of packet loss. Nevertheless, if you want to ensure, you can use our guide to carry out a packet loss test.

The test will highlight the hop where packet loss happens. Therefore, you will learn more about not just if you’re leaking packets, however likewise the approximate location of the leakage. This piece of information can be available in quite handy, and you’ll right away see why.

Private Internet Access is a great VPN tool from Kape Technologies. It comes as an outstanding overall service, and you can utilize it for more than simply package loss. For example, it can protect your connection, secure your privacy, and even unlock geo-restricted content.

Nevertheless, note that fixing packet loss problems in League of Legends with a VPN does not constantly work. It will just work if the package leak occurs somewhere in the middle (your ISP), and not on your side, or on the League of Legends server.

The packet loss can occur in among the following locations:

Depending upon the location of the leak, you can carry out the following actions:

All in all, even if you experience packet loss in League of Legends, it’s not so bad as it sounds. Most of the time, the circumstance repairs itself. However, if it takes place regularly, you can use our recommended repairs above to get rid of it.

Just keep in mind that using a VPN is not a guaranteed win for package loss. It will just work if the package loss takes place on your ISP’s side. If packages leak on your network or on the League of Legends server, utilizing a VPN won’t work.

No, League of Legends will not prohibit you for using a VPN. Take a look at our finest VPNs for League of Legends.

Yes, utilizing a VPN can considerably enhance your ping and total gaming experience in League of Legends. Have a look at our best VPNs to improve gameplay and ping.

You can use a VPN such as PIA, repair the connection by hand, or utilize the Hextech Repair Tool to repair your package loss in League of Legends.