How the Colts are approaching their final regular-season video game

On the flight back from Pittsburgh 5 days back, the sting of their unlikely loss to the Steelers still fresh, the Colts’ primary decision-makers weighed what the strategy would be for the stressful Sunday that waited for.

No longer in control of their playoff fate, the Colts would now need to depend on another team losing to punch their ticket to the postseason.

The questions coach Frank Reich remembers turning up in his conversation with basic manager Chris Ballard:

” Are we going to put the Titans score up on the scoreboard?”

” Do you want gamers searching for there throughout the game, scoreboard-watching as they state?”

It’s the circumstance Reich and the Colts have put themselves in– requiring a Week 17 win over the Jaguars and after that needing help. On top of a Colts victory Sunday, one of these four groups has to lose for Indianapolis to make the playoffs: Cleveland (vs. Pittsburgh), Baltimore (at Cincinnati), Miami …