Just how much money have I spent on League of Legends is a concern that numerous addicted players have actually asked themselves. If revealed, the answer may end up being dismaying, surprising, or a mix of both. For those brave enough to see that quantity spent, there is a way. Here are the steps:

Learning how much money have I invested on League of Legends starts with knowing your account login info. This might be a high order for gamers who autopilot and simply have League of Legends save their login information so they don’t have to input it whenever. Luckily, for those who don’t have it remembered, Riot has a service that will email gamers their password and username if requested. Simply make sure that the e-mail connected to the account is available. Otherwise, the next action is to go through Riot Support.

As soon as the account’s login info is validated, go to this link, where TzarineJador has a handy login that makes inspecting the quantity of cash one invested easy as can be. It used to be that the procedure took a bit longer, and included going through a few links, today it’s structured and uncomplicated. Go to the link, log in, and after that the stunning dollar amount will appear.

It is essential to remember that this does not keep an eye on all funds on every account connected to that login. So for gamers who have several accounts in different regions, numerous checks will be needed to get the real overall. The exact same chooses individuals with smurf accounts.