This season is a transition season. There is no doubt about that.

From the start I wasn’t particularly anticipating La Liga or Copa Del Rey (let alone the champs league). I encourage other Barca fans to follow that example.

For me the main thing this club needs is money. recently there was a post released on this site about the worrying amount of money owed by Barcelona football club: Over 1,000,000,000. Messi’s 672M agreement is not especially handy either in this scenario.

Now, It might appear like I’m complaining a lot, and the solution is not to get rid of the GOAT. He is my preferred player worldwide, and Barca would not be the very same without him. The path of destruction that Bartomeu left behind was because of the truth that all he desired to do was purchase, purchase, and purchase some more. He lost over 400M euros on 3 gamers: Dembele, Griezmann, and Coutinho. In all sincerity, the only one of those who is playing near to his cash worth is Dembele. Though Griezmann has actually had a good few games, he lacks consistency. Coutinho runs out the picture completely. Back from Bayern, he looked like he may actually accomplish something, but after his very first 5 games it was back to the Coutinho we understood before. The monetary scenario isn’t helped by the salaries these players demand either.

This may be the Barca purist talking, but for me the service is easy: we have the best training academy worldwide- La Masia. If you take a look at the young superstars that have come out those doors as fledglings and left Barca as legends, it must be enough to prove that stunning building is the answer. Sell the gamers who do not perform. Coutinho needs to go. Possibly give Griezmann one more opportunity. PLAY RIQUI. If we do this then we will go back to the club that we once were.

I have actually added the link to the excellent times we used to have. This is what every real Cule wants to go back to. (all credits go to Wonderful Messi for making this video).