While the announcement of the Asus ROG Academy for India’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gamers would absolutely suggest that the Indian esports scene is heading in the ideal instructions, it isn’t without its issues.

Asus is partnering with esports platform SoStronk and AFK Gaming to assist with hunting tasks. If those two companies sound familiar it’s since they were both associated with assisting Optic Video gaming created an India CSGO team back in 2018, providing technical and marketing assistance.

Before the end of that year, Optic Video gaming had liquified its India operations following the discovery of among its gamers, Nikhil ‘Forsaken’ Kumawat unfaithful at the Extremesland 2018 tournament in Shanghai by using an aimbot.

Naturally, IGN India questioned if there would be substantial procedures in location to prevent cheating this time around. Siddharth Nayyar, Co-Founder and Director at AFK Gaming believes so, though admitting that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic positions an unique set of obstacles.

” We identify this and we understood that it is something that have we had to be very careful with,” states Nayyar in discussion with IGN India. “This time, there is a specific limitation we’re facing, in which we can’t be with the participants physically like we performed in the in the Optic scenario offered the health and security scenario today.”

Nevertheless, Nayyar tells us that there are some taken extra preventative measures this time.

” We have a bigger group of admins that’s going to be evaluating each and every individual that’s taking part in the trial procedure,” he says. “Secondly, SoStronk has a lot more robust anti-cheat system this time than the last time offered the Optic situation that occurred about three years back. The anti-cheat system is a lot more robust this time. We have actually been doing everything in our power to ensure that we avoid another Forsaken circumstance. The two things that we have actually concentrated on are a more powerful anti-cheat system, and a lot more individuals reviewing each participant that’s participating.”

In addition to this the trial procedure need to eliminate possible cheaters too.

” The trials have the gamers taking part in 2 various practicals,” he states. “One is when they’re playing in blended teams, and the second is when they’re playing a competition. Each of those stages is going to be evaluated by a bunch of admins. Given the health and wellness circumstance, we’re not physically present with the individuals we’re doing whatever that’s possible to ensure they do not hack.”

Although unfaithful is in esports is far from new, the Forsaken occurrence set the region back tremendously at a time prior to PUBG Mobile’s widespread development. With the opportunity of that video game returning being incredibly slim, ideally AFK and SoStronk’s steps suffice to show that CSGO might become a worthwhile option.