Patrick Mahomes and Lionel Messi are coming back to high school, sort of.

The Arizona Interscholastic Association is adding Madden 21 and FIFA 21 to its selection of recognized varsity title esports offerings for high school trainees in Spring 2021.

Registered trainees will have the possibility to compete for state championships in Madden 21 and FIFA 21, though competitors is limited to the Play Station 4 console for both games.

Esports registration for Spring 2021 runs through Feb. 26 and the season begins March 1.

Here’s a clearer breakdown of the season’s structure:

High school FIFA and Madden groups will compete in PlayVS High School leagues for AIA sanctioned varsity competition.Teams will be comprised of 3 gamers. Groups will play three 1v1 matches, and whoever wins the best-of-three series will be stated the winner.Schools can sign up a limitless number of teams.Top teams at the end of the season will advance to playoffs and contend for a state championship.FIFA matches are played weekly on Tuesdays and Madden matches are on Thursdays.

The 2 additions sign up with League of Legends and Rocket League as AIA approved esports.

AIA stated the choice to add the two popular computer game franchises to its esports model was based upon the requirement to use a “safe extracurricular environment” for trainees amid continued COVID-19 concerns and changes to the infrastructure of traditional sports.

Esports in AIA was very first launched at completion of 2019. The inaugural state championship were held Feb. 2020 at a Dave & Buster’s in Phoenix where Brophy College Preparatory won state titles in Rocket League and League of Legends.

The appeal of esports continues to grow in Arizona. Legacy Sports Park, a massive 320-acre household sports and entertainment complex set to open in Jan. 2022, will consist of a 75,000 square-foot esports arena amongst lots of other indoor and outside entertainment choices.