Looks like League of Legends Champions Senna and Irelia will be getting their extremely own High Twelve noon skins at some point soon. Designer Riot Games has posted a clip displaying a PBE sneak peek of the two Champs’ approaching looks from the wild west-inspired alternate universe line – and they have actually got some quite exciting-looking functions, to boot.

As you can see in the clip below (by means of SkinSpotights on YouTube), Senna’s upcoming appearance leans into the wild-west-with-a-futuristic-spin ambiance of the High Midday skin line. A little reminiscent of High Midday Ashe, Senna’s skin sees her clothed in a streaming, intense cape, with elegant armour and a big hat worn at a jaunty angle. She storms around on a blazing horse, before releasing some quite spectacular brand-new impacts for her Q (Piercing Darkness), R (Dawning Shadow), and W (Last Embrace) abilities.

Irelia, The Blade Dancer, on the other hand, has more of a feel of the High Midday line’s gothic components, with creepy, claw-like wings that extend out mid-attack – and some more angelic, feathery wings (complete with halo) that appear when she starts up her recall.

” Speak about blazing saddles”, as Riot jests on Twitter. Have a look at the two upcoming High Midday skins listed below:

It’s not clear yet when the new Midday looks will head to the live video game, however it looks like they’ll be prepared for testing and tinkering on the MOBA video game’s screening servers quickly.