As a company, TSM is associated with success in North American esports. And the early phases of VALORANT have actually been no various. The open competition ecosystem of 2020 landed TSM numerous prizes, and a competition with Sentinels elevated the North American area.

While some aspects of TSM’s existing lineup of VALORANT agents has actually altered from when they began, a lot of the core concepts remain the very same.

While the group has proven they are more than simply “Wardell and friends,” there’s no rejecting that the dynamic duelist has actually been an enormous part of their success. Per, his last 41 maps over the previous 3 months have all been Jett.

In the month of February, Wardell published an unbelievable Average Fight Rating of 262, in addition to a K/D of 1.54 and a very first kill/first death differential of +33. That impressive differential originates from his aggressive Operator play while getting in and out of angles using Jett’s dash ability.

Till Jett gets some severe nerfs, or till TSM as a team truly start to battle, don’t expect Wardell to be playing anything aside from his go-to representative.

It would be too fitting if either of the old guys on TSM played Brimstone. But the veteran CS: GO veterans have played essential assistance functions on the group’s VALORANT roster.

Previously the group’s Omen primary, Hazed has actually handed off those duties to Subroza, and chosen to take on the tech-based guard Killjoy. Killjoy first drew eyes from the competitive scene when she was used to excellent success by steel throughout 100T’s First Strike triumph run. Considered that Hazed is mainly a lurker, her utility enables Hazed to play passive and forces opponents to examine every corner.

With Sova, Cutler can require enemies out of their hiding spots, managing his duelist teammates more confidence when they take or retake sites. Cutler likewise makes use of Skye on celebration, particularly on Bind. TSM don’t normally run Phoenix on Bind, so Skye’s exact blinding capabilities fill an important requirement when they play on that map.

It’s not a surprise Prophecy boasts such a high pick-rate throughout North American pros. His capability to smoke off essentially any area and usage teleportation to back-stab supplies a ton of use to any composition. Subroza has actually flourished on Prophecy since taking his reins from Hazed, outfragging the duelists on several events.

Mentioning duelists, we finally concern the dual danger in Drone, who can rinse his challengers with either Phoenix or Raze. The majority of the time, Drone runs Phoenix, and he is one of if not the most deadly Phoenix gamers in NA right now.

The most dangerous element of TSM’s agent choices is that they do not even require both duelists to go off to win a map. However if they’re both cooking, it’s video game over.