The NFL is back. It’s pretty wild that things went off reasonably smooth after investing the past half of a year wondering if we ‘d have football or not however diehard NFL fans never ever really questioned that the league would not get it together. After all, they’re the most affluent professional sports league in America. Every single NFL team is valued at $2 billion or more. All 32 groups.

Let that sink in for a minute. The Cincinnati Bengals haven’t won a championship game because 1991 and they’re still worth over $2 billion. They have an annual operating earnings of just $60 million which is essentially nothing compared to the Cowboys’ operating income of $425 million however the Dallas Cowboys are likewise worth nearly 3x more than the Bengals and are doing spectacularly with a franchise valuation of $5.7 billion, up 4% from last year.

I got my hairstyle last week and my barber was attempting to inform me how pro sports in America is dead and ratings are going to pieces but that’s not at all shown in NFL franchises being up 7% from last year (nor is it true, professional sports are anything but dead). NFL owners are living their best lives which’s evidenced in these numbers from Forbes’ annual list of the most important NFL teams.

The Cowboys are # 1 again. They are every year. This shouldn’t come as a shock. Dem Boyz have fans everywhere from coast to coast and have actually had those fans for generations. The New England Patriots are # 2 with a valuation $1.3 billion LESS than the Cowboys and they’re without Tom Brady this season which will certainly put a long-lasting damage in their product sales.

Here’s how the Forbes list shakes out:

Is it not more than a bit crazy that there are six NFL teams worth less than the Cleveland Browns? This isn’t a knock on the city of Cleveland or its individuals. I have some friends from The Land and they’re as diehard of NFL fans as anybody I know. But how is it that a team which lets its fans down every. single. year. for decades isn’t ranked last? However then again, the teams below them have not done much beyond my Buccaneers who won a Super Bowl like 20 years back and only just re-energized the franchise by signing Brady, Gronk, and others.

Forbes has a fast explanation of their methodology, each group’s worth is an ‘business value’ which is “( equity plus net financial obligation) and consist of the economics (consisting of non-NFL income that accumulates to the team’s owner) of the team’s stadium but not the value of its property itself.”