Riot’s punishment system continues to confuse the League community.

Former League of Legends pro Hai was chat restricted previously this week for revealing his disappointment after 2 colleagues went AFK in the fountain. While many individuals felt that punishment was questionable, Riot is doubling down.

The 27-year-old is now on a three-month probation period from the League Partner Program (LPP), posting a screengrab of the warning last night. Considering that Hai’s behavior “hasn’t been in accordance” with the LPP standards, all the perks that feature the program are being briefly revoked.

” Over the next 3 months you will not have access to any perks of the LPP program such as League Unlocked, developer accounts, skin giveaways, Twitch Rivals and other event chances,” the probation checks out. “If improvements are not made within the next 3 months, you will require to be eliminated from the program.”

Hai informed a colleague in chat that they have a “shit attitude” for going AFK and said they were being a “terrible player.” These declarations were deemed disruptive enough to issue a chat restriction. However Hai declares that the AFKers “didn’t get touched.”

Hai’s probation has triggered other huge names within the League neighborhood to speak up. Former professional Voyboy called Riot’s actions “incorrect,” declaring he’s called griefers “losers” prior to and asked to likewise be placed on probation.

And Twitch star Tyler1 revealed comparable sentiments during his broadcast last night.

” Either eliminate my LPP and ban me from tournaments as well, or do not touch Hai,” Tyler1 stated. “That shit do not make no sense. That’s insane.”

League vets scarra, IWillDominate, and aphromoo also weighed in.

It’s clear that Riot’s report and punishment system needs to be attended to. Voyboy created a video last month that discussed the “sad state of League Solo Q,” expressing his disappointment in the absence of penalty for trolls, griefers, and AFK players.

Riot has actually taken several actions to address the toxicity running widespread in the hit MOBA. Reporting and muting gamers during champion select is on track to launch in Spot 10.14 and Riot claims it will “devote more resources” to suppressing issues of intentionally feeding, AFKs, and other game-sabotaging behavior.