Indisciplines accompany the profession of Carlos Peña, who was a figure in León, showed up in Europe and after a turbulent go back to Mexico, he will now play in El Salvador

Carlos Peñan alters teams practically at the very same time that he adds debates. Post link

The enemy who began in Pachuca, adds his seventh expert team, in addition to his experience in the Mexican Football League, and in several of those clubs his passage has actually been marked by debate. Now he will play in El Salvador’s FAS, accused by Santa Tecla of the exact same nation for being not really serious in the negotiation stage.

El Gullit Peña’s profession has remained in decline. Short article link

The midfielder arrived by coming out two-time champ with the Lion and being considered for a World Cup, he started to plunge after his failure at Chivas and in Europe, with Rangers Scotland.

Debate is the constant in the talented midfielder’s career. Post link

The years of success with the Lion began to be obscured after the scandals that broke out against him. Short article link

The most recent debate is associated with his arrival in El Salvador’s FAS, due to the reality that he had settlements with Santa Tecla and the president implicated him of lack of seriousness.

” He sent out a series of apologies. Short article link

The truth is that I am not dissatisfied because there was nothing signed yet, but it is an absence of seriousness on the part of the gamer, “José Eduardo Amaya, president of Santa Tecla, told ESPN Digital when discussing the settlement he had with the representative scored by Carlos Peña.

In León and Chivas, the midfielder who was two-time champ with Gustavo Matosas was noted for his nightlife and in the rojiblancos it took place that he was separated from training for showing up with alcoholic breath. In Los Panzas Verdes, he was taken legal action against for a supposed adulterous affair.

In the Scottish Rangers his level was not as expected and he was likewise released due to his indiscipline. In Cruz Azul the gamer was caught buying beer after training and in Necaxa he could not regain his level, although he was in a rehab clinic.

Correcaminos, in the defunct Climb division, seemed to be the door for the return of Gullit Peña, however the midfielder decided to leave the group to play in the Mexican Football League, with the Veracruzano de Futbol Tiburon Club. His history with the Jarocho club was short, as he left the organization prior to completion of the champion, arguing absence of payments.

Carlos Peña went to train with a Third Division group to restore his level and was in settlements with Santa Tecla from El Salvador, however at the last minute he decided for the FAS of the exact same nation, in the midst of a new controversy.